While at SMI, I’ve had the privilege to learn so much about a community which despite numerous tragedies has been welcoming. I am amazed to look into the eyes of someone who doesn’t know me, yet trusts me enough to invite me into their personal space – their home – to help them physically. Even more than this, I stand amazed at their willingness to be engaged spiritually. I’ve observed the expression of a woman as she points to the location (a few feet from her home) where her husband and two other relatives were shot on separate occasions. I’ve also looked into the eyes of a man who described how people think he is ‘crazy’ despite being a Christian due to the many demonic attacks he is currently facing. We’ve gotten the opportunity to encourage our brother in Christ who in turn prayed for us, and we’ve been privileged to listen to the story of that bereaved woman and simply love her like Jesus would. What a joy it has been to bring so many people before the throne of God as we pray for them and give them to the only One who can change their situation and hold them fast – Jesus Christ. Although we knock on many doors in the community, God divinely opens the ones in which He is already moving. I have lost track of those who’ve said “God sent you today,” “you are angels,” and “thanks for this conversation”. Through God using us, individuals have walked away challenged by both spiritual conversations about Jesus and medical conversations concerning how to live a healthy lifestyle.

One of the things I love most about SMI is that we partner with local churches. It’s great for us to go into a community and engage individuals on the topic of Christ, but this program is only three weeks long. Where can they go if they have more questions?

Answer: the church. The one I’ve been attending during SMI is called Sinai Assembly of God. It is a church where the people love Jesus and desire to bring the Good News locally (hence their partnership with SMI) and internationally. We’ve been working with a wonderful interpreter from the church during our outreach, and we have found it tremendously helpful for the community to meet him. His help and heart have been momentous. Sinai has been so welcoming to us – loving us, praying for us, and thanking us profusely. We took in our last Sunday at Sinai this past Sunday. Two women, on behalf of the church, took the team to a wonderful restaurant with scrumptious Latin American cuisine. Getting to hear the testimonies of these women, seeing the love they have for their community as well as getting to know members of the community has greatly impacted me. Due to the busyness of our schedules, I haven’t gotten the time to fully process all that the Lord has been doing through the SMI 2015 team, but I know that He is moving in many ways. What an honor it is to partner with Christ for what he is doing in Philadelphia and beyond!


Post by Krystal Donaldson