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A Letter from the Director

Thank you very much for your interest in Medical Campus Outreach (MCO) and for taking the time to learn more about MCO’s ministry to students and residents at Philadelphia’s many healthcare campuses! We are very excited to see how God is at work—particularly in the area of individual discipleship among students. Here’s a brief summary of our main areas of ministry:

  • Student Community/Discipleship Houses
    Two student community/discipleship houses have been started over the past six years, where MCO staff have been actively discipling and mentoring student residents
  • Mentoring Program
    Our mentoring/match program has grown to almost 50 student/professional pairs, as we continue to seek additional staff input, evaluation, and oversight
  • Monthly Events
    Healthcare luncheons address topics relevant to those in healthcare, and alternate monthly during the academic year with “Citywide” student events on Philly healthcare campuses that include dinner and a guest speaker
  • Additional Student Resources
    Our speakers’ bureau, healthcare library, audio, and video resources continue to expand
  • Student Conference Attendance
    MCO coordinates rides and facilitates housing for approximately two dozen students to attend the annual Global Missions Health Conference
  • SMI Philadelphia
    We run our annual project, the Philadelphia Summer Medical Institute, which has expanded in size and in local and international partnerships. Occasionally, some students travel after the three-week Philadelphia program to Albania for medical evangelistic outreach at the invitation of a Christian medical clinic that has partnered with us for several years
  • Student-led Bible Studies
    We help with oversight of 15 Bible studies on healthcare campuses in the Philadelphia area
  • MCO Volunteer Staff Team Training
    We have a fellowship and training group for the MCO Volunteer Staff Team, which is comprised of mature Christians in the health care professions who are actively doing the work of one‐on‐one discipleship with students

Each year MCO needs $100,000 just to carry on its basic operations, not counting SMI. The director is responsible to fundraise all MCO salaries, benefits, and ministry expenses. It is because of the generous support of our individual and church partners, as well as through much prayer, that MCO’s ministry has been able to continue for over 25 years. Would you please consider how you might financially support MCO? Your contribution will make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of students on our area’s graduate health campuses. We also ask for your continued prayer on MCO’s behalf, and if you feel called to volunteer for us, we can surely find a place for you!

Giving regularly on a monthly basis would greatly help support MCO in planning and by providing greater financial stability. The easiest way to financially support MCO is to use the form on CCHF’s giving page. You just need to have your card, debit or credit, ready to complete the payment. If you’d prefer to send a check (yes! checks get sent to Memphis, TN – the CCHF HQ), please make it payable to:

2595 Central Ave
Memphis, TN 38104

I would be glad to respond to any questions you may have and can be reached at [email protected].

Thank you so much for your consideration!

Laura Layer, M.D.

Director, MCO Philadelpia

Donate to MCO

You can use this secure form on CCHF’s online giving page to make an electronic donation, one-time or recurring, to MCO. When filling out the form you first need to select the option for either one-time or monthly giving. Then you will need to select “MCO Philadelphia – general fund” from the drop-down Donation Purpose list. After that, in the comments box, you will need to add “MCO Giving.” This will help CCHF to process the donations correctly. CCHF only accepts card payments (debit or credit). This is different from the past when we requested a bank account and routing number. Every gift marked for MCO/SMI will be used for MCO only and will not go to the general use of CCHF.

We appreciate your consideration of partnering with us on our mission to make disciples on the Philadelphia area’s healthcare campuses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes. As a ministry of Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF), a 501(c)(3) organization, you will receive a year-end tax statement from CCHF for your donation to MCO. You should consult a tax professional for most current laws regarding how much you can deduct each year. 

What does MCO do with the donations?

Generally speaking, the donated funds are used to support the various expenses of our outreach and mentoring of students. 

Will I receive an acknowledgment of my donation?

Yes. You will receive either an email or letter acknowledgment from MCO for each donation. You will also receive a year-end tax statement from CCHF.

Can I donate to a specific participant of SMI?

You can donate to support a specific SMI student participant on the same CCHF giving form linked above on this page. Select “SMI designated” in the donation purpose drop-down menu. Then add SMI and the student participant’s name in the comment box (i.e. “SMI 2022 John Doe”).