Discipleship is at the heart of everything that Medical Campus Outreach Philadelphia seeks to do!

Weekly campus studies supported by MCO offer much-needed Christian fellowship and support.

CityWide Events pull students, residents, and attendings together from all the campuses in the Philadelphia area for teaching, fellowship, and worship. Students, professionals and laypeople are stimulated to consider medical issues from a Christian perspective. Most of theses events are in-person again, but sometimes we have to gather virtually.

One-on-one mentoring matches students or young professionals with seasoned providers and strong Christians for personalized discipleship and encouragement.

The Summer Medical Institute seeks to nurture students and help them integrate their faith with their medical training, allowing them to shadow Christian providers, facilitating small group Bible studies, and providing lots of time for one-on-one spiritual conversations. Throughout the three week program the students also learn from the resilient and vibrant community of Kensington about culturally competent care, health disparities/equity, and the need to improve (or overhaul) current systems to better serve those historically marginalized. Personal discipleship and holy living are not just for the sanctification of the individual, but also to begin renewal of neighborhoods, cities, nations and the world.

So don’t try to make it on your own! Every Christian needs to be discipled, encouraged and challenged, in fellowship with a diverse body of believers.


Be Mentored or Become a Mentor

Medical Campus Outreach matches students with professionals for spiritual and occupational mentoring. While every mentoring relationship is different, mentors often help students or younger providers learn how to pray with patients, balance school and other commitments, love their families while working in healthcare, interact winsomely with co-workers, and grow deeper in Christ. 

If you would like to mentor or to be mentored, please fill out this form below, and we will contact you with more information.

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Community Housing

Starting in 2014, we were able to offer community housing for men, and a year later, for women as well. Both homes are in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia, and spots are advertised as they are available. These homes have become centers of organic Christian community – hosting their own worship nights, meeting with discipling staff members, and hosting get-togethers. We are so grateful for the men and women who live in these houses and grateful for the opportunity to offer these homes for students of healthcare professions.

Need housing starting this summer? Come and live at Medical Campus Outreach’s women’s or men’s ministry houses with other healthcare students and professionals. The houses foster community and discipleship. Rent is inexpensive, and the houses are in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia close to major highways and regional rail and bus lines. Contact Laura for the women’s house and James for the men’s house. Graduate healthcare students preferred, but others will be considered.