Five days into SMI, and each day this program amazes me more and more. Each day I feel more comfortable and genuinely happy with these people, and I know it is because God has hand selected every single one of them from his abundant crop of people to work in perfect unison to serve Him. Every experience and job is enjoyable, even if it is washing table cloths that smell like garbage, because I get to do it with amazing people who make me laugh every step of the way.

Time began flying faster than I thought it would, and before I knew it, it was already time for the first outreach. Yesterday, we got to meet some of the amazing and intelligent staff that we would be working with on the outreaches. All of our supplies were quadruple checked, we discussed walking routes, and then we set out for a journey that I can safely say has been the greatest in my life so far.

Sure, the first 10 or so doors were no answer or just a blunt no, but it seemed like God was waiting to have our very first open door be the right person. It turns out that the next door we knocked on already had one of the other Urban groups in there, and the faculty member working with them opened the door and asked if our translator went with them because the family spoke Spanish. Just goes to show how perfect God’s timing is. The first person to accept our offers was sitting on her porch and was so excited to have us do the screens for her. My group and I got to do almost everything – height, weight, BMI, blood pressure, blood glucose, asthma education, Urban Hope Church education, and we prayed with her. When we were done, she thanked us multiple times and said nothing but nice things about the work we do. By God’s grace, when her neighbor saw what we did, she became interested as well. It warmed my heart knowing that these people trusted us and were so willing to proclaim God’s glory with us, thanking Him for every little thing that He has done.

That brings us to today. It was our first day of double out-reaches, and even with the heat, we had nothing but smiles on. Everything just seemed to come easier and flow smoother. The first house we went to requested screens for everything we offered, and they were so kind and polite. They even told us that they have been telling people around the neighborhood that they should open their doors for us! They were also the first family we took a picture with! My group and I worked like a well oiled machine when it came to getting supplies from the bag, doing the screens, conversing with the family, and evangelizing. Before we left, we bowed our heads and prayed with them. Next house, and each one after, was just as successful, blessed, and humbling.

I cannot wait to see what our next few weeks have in store. All I can say is, thank God for SMI!


Post by Christina Besada