“Looking around I see miles of bricks and stones,

these are all intricate parts of the city I call home,

The streets of North Philadelphia where I’m proud to be,

Sharing God’s love, and his message of life so sweet.

Hearing stories of illness, loss, fear, and years of pain,

Reminders that when we struggle alone we struggle in vain,

Joining together in prayer, tears, and embraces of love,

When medicine can’t heal we look to the skies above.

We are all more than bodies roaming this spinning Earth,

We are spiritual, emotional, physical beings, of great worth.

He tells us that we are worthy of love, we are worthy of grace,

He loves us enough that he would come and take our place,

He knows our heartache, he knows our fears and daily toils,

He wants to bring us up to heaven from these earthly soils.

All he asks is our trust and to obey with a listening ear,

He holds not only our past, but also our present and future near,

He knows our hearts desires and our thoughts and emotions,

He is the friend, father, and lover that we can place our hope in.

When I walk these streets the answer is more than clear,

We all need God, and we need God everywhere, including here.”


Post by Danielle Bausher