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Panel Discussion - February 28, 2020

Opioid Overview, Part 6: Panel Discussion

MCO Philadelphia and Renewal Presbyterian Church co-sponsored a panel discussion about Christian perspectives on the current opioid crisis. Our panel included speakers from national, state, and local levels who provided information on both public policy and medical ministry initiatives.

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Rick Allen

Following Your Calling without Stressing about Debt

MCO Lunch, February 2014

Dr. John Applegate

Emotional Health in Medical Training and Practice

MCO Lunch, May 2015

Dr. John Applegate

Christian Perspective on Mental Health, pt 1 (and pt 2)

CityWide at Drexel, March 2017


Dr. Michael Barry

Health Benefits of Self-Forgiveness

MCO Lunch, October 2012

Jerry Borton

Suffering and the Gospel

MCO Lunch, March 2014

Dr. Joe Bushra

Preventative Health

Tenth Class, November 2015


Dr. Joe Castelli

Sickness Caused by Sin – Human Sexuality

Tenth Class, October 2015

Dr. David Chen

Who is My Neighbor?

MCO Lunch, February 2017

Dr. David Chen, Deborah Moss, and Estelle Yoo

Residency and Displacement

MCO Lunch, February 2013


Dr. David Chon

Health and Sickness in a Biblical Perspective

Tenth Class, September 2015

Alan Chiu, Matt Durstenfeld, and Jen Kincaid

Short Term Medical Missions in Kenya and Angola

MCO Lunch, June 2014

Matt Cohen

Medicine and Marriage

CityWide at PCOM, January 2016


Dr. John Cropsey

Finding Community in Medical Missions

MCO Lunch, June 2012

Dr. John Cropsey

Medical Missions at Ground Level

MCO Lunch, November 2017

Coz Crosscomb

For What Purpose? Thinking Critically About Urban Outreach

SMI 2014


Dr. William Edgar

Medical Ethics – History and Practice

MCO Lunch, June 2017

Dr. William Edgar

Not the Way It’s Supposed to Be: A Christian View of Suffering, pt 1 (pt. 2 and pt. 3)

MCO Lunch, January 2019

Dr. Karen Fritz

Co-heirs with Christ

SMI 2014


Dr. David Fuller

Spiritual Gifts and Medicine

MCO Lunch, October 2013

Dr. Winston George

Sex Trafficking and Missions in India

MCO Lunch, September 2013

Dr. Liam Goligher

Fear of Man

SMI 2014


Frank Harder

Christianity on Display in the Workplace

CityWide at Jefferson, March 2016

Elizabeth Hernandez

Trauma and the Urban Poor

MCO Lunch, September 2014

Elizabeth Hernandez

Mental Health

Tenth Class, October 2015


Dr. Keith Herzog

Faith and Science

MCO Lunch, May 2014

Dr. Wayne Ho

The Paralytic

MCO Lunch, March 2015

Dr. Bob Hollebeek

Astrophysics and Faith

MCO Lunch, October 2016


Dr. Bryan Hollinger

Medical Advice

MCO Lunch, May 2014

Dan Hussar

Being a Christian on a Secular Campus

CityWide at Penn, September 2017

Dr. Joel Jacobowski

Understanding Addiction

SMI 2017


Dr. Jim Kirkpatrick

God’s Lessons for a Cardiologist

MCO Lunch, March 2013

Dr. Tim Leaman

Visions of Healthy Communities

CityWide at Jefferson, September 2016

Dr. Matt M

Medical Missions and Burnout

MCO Lunch, November 2011


Toni McFadden

The Biology of Love

CityWide at PCOM, January 2017

Toni McFadden

Sexuality, Christianity, and Culture

SMI 2017

Jerry McFarland

Ultimate Healing

Tenth Class, October 2015


Medical Marriage Panel

Discussion with Couples in Medicine

CityWide at PCOM, Feburary 2018

Dr. You Na Park

Spirituality and Medicine

MCO Lunch, February 2016

Dr. Lance Plyler

Prayer and Antibodies: But What About Training?

MCO Lunch, April 2016


Dr. Susan Post

Community Oreintation

SMI 2014

Elaine Russo

Saving Lives in Philadelphia

MCO Lunch, April 2014

Dr. Phil Scribano

Sickness Caused by Other’s Sin, pt. 1 (pt. 2)

Tenth Class, November 2015


Dr. Rich Shoemaker

Whose Disciple Are You? (pt. 2, Q&A)

CityWide at Drexel, August 2018

SMI Team

Recap of SMI 2014

MCO Lunch, January 2015

SMI Team

Recap of SMI 2017

MCO Lunch, October 2017


Dr. Neil Thompson

Maintaining a Vision for Service During Medial Training

CityWide at Penn, November 2015

Dr. Josh Uy

Spirituality and Healthcare

SMI 2014

Rev. Carroll Wynne

Caring for the Sick

Tenth Class, November 2015


Dr. Maxine Young

Carring for the Chronically Disabled and Their Caregivers

MCO Lunch, December 2015

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