by Caroline E.

My biggest takeaway from SMI has been relearning the power of prayer. I grew up in a Christian household so I have always been surrounded by prayer. However, in recent years, I feel that I fell into a rhythm of bowing my head just to pray and not to talk to God.

This mission trip has renewed my connection with Christ and taught me how powerful prayer is. We have had so many experiences where we have prayed for patients or each other on this trip and God has provided. For example, we met a man while we were screening, who was looking for a relationship with Christ. My group and I immediately bonded with him! We were able to pray for him, offer him a Bible, and even invite him to church.

When Sunday came around my group and I was hopeful to see this man again. He lived around the corner from the church we attend, so before the service started we knocked on his door. To our delight, this man answered in his Sunday best clothes ready for church with a big smile across his face.

We give all the glory to God. The Lord answered our prayers within a week! We were able to get this man connected with the church and hopefully deepen his relationship with Christ.