by Katie Y.

Coming out to SMI, I didn’t know what to expect AND I am a last-minute packer! So here are some insights that I thought would be helpful for future SMI-ers! I didn’t realize I would be spending as much time in scrubs. Scrubs were worn on outreaches in the community and even to volunteering, so I suggest bringing more than 2 pairs of scrubs. But no worries if you don’t have scrubs, SMI has plenty of extra ones that you can borrow. Furthermore there is built-in time throughout your stay at SMI to go to a nearby laundromat and do laundry so make sure to bring change to do so! SMI also provides you with laundry detergent so there’s no need to worry about supplying your own! 

After a long day, you’re going to want to hop into cozy clothes as everyone usually gathers at night to play games, worship, and hangout! Since it can get chilly at night, make sure to bring comfy, warm clothes and blankets for nighttime. And on that note, for those of you who are light sleepers, you’re definitely going to want to bring a pair of ear plugs— it can get a little loud at night. Lastly, I recommend bringing a notebook or something else to write in, not only to document your experiences at SMI but to take down any of the insights our wonderful guest speakers will have.