What a day and what a God we serve. Admittedly, today did not start the way that I wanted. I doubt anybody’s version of a great morning is walking out to their car with a busted window and stolen items. Praise God that nothing valuable was stolen, but at the very least it was a huge pain in the butt. Everyone’s support, prayer, hugs, and kind words made the experience so much more manageable and I’m thankful that I was surrounded with such an amazing group of people. Crazier yet, my demolished window was not the headlining story of the day. Our team came back from the outreach in the afternoon and as I started parking I noticed a man approaching my car (of course from the newly repaired driver’s window side). He introduced himself as Timothy, named after Timothy from the Bible, and asked for food. We walked back to the church where I gathered him some food and walked back out to Timothy preaching to us. He had such a natural and powerful way that he talked about Jesus and his unconditional love for us. He prayed with such conviction and such passion that it was impossible not to be moved. Our God is not a God of coincidences. He put Timothy there in that moment for a reason. I don’t know if I or anyone from the team will ever see him again but I will always remember this encounter for the rest of my life. God doesn’t judge us based on our appearance or financial status or anything else that the world values. God judges us based on the way we live our lives knowing that Christ has saved us from our sins. That’s what matters most and that’s what Timothy showed so clearly today.

– Nick Salter