Glass Shattered Streets

By Larissa Dean


Look around and you can see the pain.

Where the greedy take and what’s left remains.

On these glass shattered streets.


But on these glass shattered streets, there is beauty beneath.

Life still rises from the cracks in between.

Their little green leaves are tougher than any forest.

Tear them down and they will grow with more zest.


And on these glass shattered streets, there are children’s bare feet.

As they play in fire hydrants they laugh so sweet.

Although there is brokenness,

I see a rainbow through that mist

Rising up in resilience.


On these glass shattered streets, the sun shines and creates a glimmer

They open their arms wide and welcome any sinner.

No one is ever dismissed.

As prayers for neighbors go up to the Savior

They know there is more than this.


On these glass shattered streets community gathers with the mourners

There is hope found on every corner.


And I, the foreigner, pour my heart

Out on these glass shattered streets.