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Allen, Rick, president of MedSend, Following Your Calling without Stressing about Debt:

Applegate, Dr. John, Emotional Health in Medical Training and Practice:

Applegate, Dr. John, Christian Perspectives on Mental Heath (and part 2)


Barry, Dr. MichaelCancer Treatment Centers of America, Forgiveness and Healing:

Borton, Jerry, Joni and Friends of Greater Philadelphia, Suffering and the Gospel:

Castelli, Dr. JoeSickness Caused by Sin- Human Sexuality:

Chen, Dr. David, Who Is My Neighbor?:

Chen, Dr. David, Moss, Deborah, and Yoo, Estelle,  Residency and Displacement:

Chon, Dr. David, Health and Sickness in a Biblical Perspective:


Chiu, Alan, Durstenfeld, Matt, and Kincaid, Jen, Short Term Medical Missions in Kenya and Angola:

Cohen, Matt, Medicine and Marriage:

Cropsey, Dr. John, Finding a Community In Medical Missions:

Cropsey, Dr. John, Medical Missions at Ground Level


Crosscombe, Coz, For What Purpose?  Thinking Critically Urban Outreach, SMI 2014:

Edgar, Bill, Medical Ethics – History and Practice

Fuller, Dr. David, Spiritual Gifts and Medicine:

Fritz, Dr. Karen, Co-Heirs with Christ, SMI 2014:

George, Dr. Winson, Sex Trafficking and Missions In India:

Goligher, Dr. Liam, Fear of Man, SMI 2014:

Harder, Frank, Christianity on Display in the Workplace:

Hernandez, Elizabeth, Trauma and the Urban Poor:

Hernandez, Elizabeth, Mental Health:

Herzog, Dr. Keith, Faith and Science:  (handout)

Ho, Dr. Wayne, The Paralytic:

Hollebeek, Dr. Bob, Astrophysics and Faith:

Hollinger, Dr. Bryan, Medical Advice:

Hussar, Dan, Being a Christian on a Secular Campus:

J, Joel, Understanding Addiction


Kirkpatrick, Dr. Jim, God’s Lessons for a Cardiologist:

Leaman, Dr. Tim, Visions of Healthy Communities:

M., Dr. Matt,  internal medicine doctor working in Africa, Medical Missions and Burnout:

McFadden, Toni, The Biology of Love:

McFadden, Toni, Sexuality, Christianity and Culture:


McFadden, Toni, Sexuality, Christianity, and Culture, Part 1


McFarland, Jerry, Ultimate Healing:


Medical Marriage Panel, Dr. Charlene and Mr. Geoff Brock, Dr. Josh and Dr. Susie Uy, Mr. Randy and Mrs. Katherine Hamlet

Park, Dr. You Na, Spirituality and Medicine:

Plyler, Dr. Lance, Prayer and Antibodies: But What About Training?

Post, Dr. Susan, executive director of Esperanza Health Center, Community Orientation SMI 2014:

Russo, Elaine – director of HOPE Pregnancy Center, and Dr. Chris, pediatrician, Saving Lives in Philadelphia:

Scribano, Dr. Phil, Sickness Caused by Others’ Sin:

Shoemaker, Dr. Rich, Whose Disciple Are You?:


SMI 2014 Team, Recapping SMI 2014

SMI 2017 Team, Panel on the Summer Medical Institute

Thompson, Dr. Neil, Maintaining a Vision for Service During Medical Training

Uy, Dr. Josh, Spirituality and Healthcare, SMI 2014:

Uy, Dr. Josh, Death and Dying:

Wynne, Rev. Carroll, Caring for the Sick:

Young, Dr. Maxine Young, Caring for the Chronically Disabled and their Caregivers: