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Ferguson, Dr. Sinclair, 1998 Reformation Now Conference

Our Passion for the Service of God

Kelly, Rev. Mike and Dr. Shareen, Intermed 2013

Story, Shalom, and Humanity: Friday Night

Story, Shalom, and Humanity: Saturday Morning 

Klaus, Drs. Ron and Carolyn , 2006 CMDA/MCO Winter Conference

Doing Healthcare According to the Kingdom of God

Overview of the Theology of the Kingdom of God

Intro to Healthcare for the Poor and Worldwide Aid: Theological hindrances to Kingdom healthcare

Dr. David, InterMed 2012

Dr. Levy Friday Night

Dr. Levy Friday Night Q&A

Dr. Levy Sat Morning

Dr. Levy Sat Morning Q&A


Patrick, Dr. John, 2007 CMDA/MCO Winter Conference

Contrast between Disciple and Believer

Ethics Courses Do Not Make Us Ethical

Meaning and Purpose in Medicine


Thompson, Dr. David, 2005 CMA/MCO Winter Conference

A Missionary Doctor Theology

The King is Still Waiting

Trust God; Claim Your Birthright

Why We Should Make Heaven Dance