Remaking Healthcare: Make Your Voice Heard

Remaking Healthcare

Americas Hope for the Future 


Featured Speakers

Four of America’s most influential advocates for physician independence


Congressman Pete Sessions

Keynote Speaker, Founder, National Physicians’ Council for Healthcare Policy

The Impact of Healthcare Reform on Physician Independence


Mark V. Pauly

Professor of Health Care Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

The Economics, Performance and Promise of Accountable Care


James Doulgeris

Co-Founder, CEO, Osler Health, Columnist, Bestselling Author

The Coming of Age of Independent Physician Collaboratives


Herbert Kunkle, M.D.

Independent Physician Advocate, Member, National Physicians’ Council for Healthcare Policy

A Physician’s Perspective on the Impact of Healthcare Policy and Industry Change


Interactive Roundtable – Nicholas Bonvicino, M.D., Moderator, CMO Osler Health



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