Help Houston with CCHF

The CCHF staff has become aware of a unique opportunity to help the victims of HurricaneHarvey.
Christ Clinic, Katy is located in the area affected by the hurricane but did not suffer structural damage. They reopened their clinic on Tuesday and are seeing all in need, free of charge. Normally the clinic treats 45 to 50 patients a day. The past three days they have seen 250 or more patients per day. The staff is exhausted and supplies are running low.
There are two ways to help:
Number 1. Christ Clinic has asked CCHF to spread the word that they welcome help from Family Medicine Providers and mid-levels. Even a day of your time would be significant. There are no hotels available but the Christ Clinic staff is offering to provide hospitality in their homes.
Because their clinic has limited treatment areas CCHF has offered to help schedule any willing providers. We would be sending 3 or 4 at a time max. Anyone who would like to go should contact the CCHF office (not the clinic) Understandably the staff is a bit overwhelmed.
    If you are a medical professional that is currently employed with a clinic or hospital and want to head to Katy, Texas, send your name, specialty type, state of license, and identification number to info@cchfmail.orgTexas has temporarily suspended barriers that prevent out-of-state health care providers from working with disaster response teams to assist victims of Hurricane Harvey. 
Number 2. Unable to go yourself? Not a medical provider? You can still make a difference by donating money to Christ Clinic, Katy.  To donate now click here.
Click here to see what other specific needs the clinic has. 

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